Youth Nicotine Program

Teen Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine use has been on the rise among young individuals. With the advent and commercialization of e-cigarettes (or vapes), increased use of e-cigarettes has been observed among students in middle school and high school. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance in all its forms such as e-cigarettes, cigarettes or other tobacco containing products. Casual use can quickly transition to regular use, and eventual nicotine dependence. Continued use can lead to alterations in the brain and changes in behaviors. 

Dangers of Teen Vaping and Nicotine Addiction

Alterations in the brain and changes in behaviors are especially true for adolescents and young adults who have developing brains and are more susceptible and impacted by nicotine exposure. Interventions to support cessation of nicotine vaping or tobacco smoking are particularly important among adolescents. Timely cessation can significantly reduce the risk of developing nicotine dependence, and consequently, aid in avoiding the severe health consequences of chronic vaping or smoking.

The Weill Cornell Medicine Youth Nicotine Program

The Youth Nicotine Program is a service led by expert Psychiatrists that specialize in addictive disorders, and caters to individuals 16 years and older. The services are office-based, and include counselling, psychotherapy (including cognitive behavioral therapy), medication management (nicotine replacement and combination therapy) and relapse prevention strategies. 

*Limited insurance plans are accepted. Please contact us for more information.*

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